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Return of the Legend Chapter 92 Raw Scans And Status Update

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Return of the Legend Chapter 92 Spoilers

There are several online forums and communities where fans of Return of the Legend manga can discuss the latest story developments. Some popular platforms include Reddit, Twitter, and social media groups dedicated to the series. It’s important to respect others who don’t want to spoil and to report any spoilers to avoid spoiling someone else’s story.

(we are not giving spoilers for chapter 92)

The Story So Far Till Chapter 92

In Chapter 89, Tae-San informed the authorities that the painting did not have any trace of him at all. The authorities were taken aback by his assertions, and they eventually realized that Tae-San was calling himself Paul Cezanne. A vacation always had the benefit of clearing Tae-San’s mind, and that’s how he met Clara in Hong Kong. Just like his favorite Chateau Mouton wine, it should have a very nice flavor and depth.

Sarah asked him if he knew about Chateau Mouton, but at that time Tae-San was young and figured out Clara was hiding things from him. It was vintage from the twenty-first century. Sarah asked him if it tasted different, Tae-San liked Clara, but he knew it was not real love. Tae-San told him he would understand what she was talking about once he tasted the wine.

Tae-San told her the wine had a lovely liveliness to it, but the person sitting in front of him had an aura of a mature lady; she was not just beautiful but also kind. Sarah got the hint from Tae-San that he was really into wine, she asked him if he was a wine sommelier because she found him amusing. The conversation was lovely, Sarah told him that thanks to Tae-San, she was able to fulfil one of her dreams.

Sarah told him the place was quite expensive in New York, and it was not even easy to get a reservation, but thanks to him, she was able to have a nice time there. Sarah finally addressed the painting issue and asked him if he painted it. He told her if she could not even believe it after witnessing it with her own eyes, how else could he prove it? Sarah informed him that countless appraisers were not even able to distinguish the difference. 

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