Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House Chapter 65

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Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House Chapter 65 Raw Scans And Status Update

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Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House Chapter 65 Spoilers

There are several online forums and communities where fans of Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House manga can discuss the latest story developments. Some popular platforms include Reddit, Twitter, and social media groups dedicated to the series. It’s important to respect others who don’t want to spoil and to report any spoilers to avoid spoiling someone else’s story.

(we are not giving spoilers for chapter 65)

The Story So Far Till Chapter 65

In the Chapter 63, Valentine Milos and Jack get ready to teleport to the strange laboratory under the historical site of Gunnar Empire. Somewhere in the Tulcan Empire, Sir Beckerman feels off. He felt like something that shouldn’t exist in their world appeared. He brushes this off and immediately gets back on topic with the doctor of his experiments.

He asks the doctor when they would start human trials. The experiment of combining dragon blood with human blood was going on for too long, and he wanted results as soon as possible. The doctor tells him that they can start human trials as soon as possible, but finding a test subject would be quite hard. In order for the experiments to be fruitful, the doctor needed humans who were talented with mana.

Sir Beckerman accepts and gets ready to head out. He feels intense mana waves and suddenly gets attacked from below. His shield could stand the first attack but gets destroyed with the second attack leaving him wounded and the doctor dead.

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